USPLabs ModernPre+ Pre Workout Supplement


USPLabs Modern Pre is an all new pre-workout supplement that is coming soon.

USPLabs has taken a lot of heat lately, not even going to get into what the heck happened there, but we are assuming it’s a whole new set of people running this company. At least we hope so right?


Anyways, USPLabs ModernPre is for pre-workout energy, strength and endurance and repetition enhancing. If it is anything like their previous pre-workouts, it should pack a punch. USPLabs seems to be going towards this whole “Modern” theme considering they have a few other Modern products like Modern BCAA, Modern Creatine and Modern Protein.

According to USPLabs, Modern Pre contain a “Stacked Ingredient Panel” which allows for “More Reps” and “Less Soreness”.

USPLabs also states that ModernPre has been through 3 clinical studies, contains 8 grams of L-Citrulline Malate per 2 scoop serving, 250 milligrams of Citicoline per 2 scoop serving and also contains zero artificial colors or sugars. We also know that Modern Pre contains BioCRE, Carb10, CarnoSyn and Cognizin.

It would appear that USPLabs Modern PRE+ is available in a few different flavors, Fruit Punch being confirmed as one of those.

This pre-workout basically looks like it will be used to help you gain more reps at the gym and it seems like that is the main goal that USPLabs is targeting with this new product.

Since there are huge legal issues going on right now with USPLabs, we have no idea who will carry this product, if any online retailer does. It may only be available directly from their website but we will update you when it becomes in stock.