Micronamin .30-06 and M2 Review

Micronamin is a brand new company that currently carries two products. .30-06 Advanced Nitric Oxide Pre Workout Pill M2 Thermogenic Extended Release Fat Burner I was unfamiliar with Micronamin before the owner contacted me but now


MAN Sports Pump Powder Review

MAN Sports Pump Powder is their all new stim-free pump inducing supplement. I found out about MAN Sports Pump Powder right before it came out and I just had to get my hands on a


Pro-Genetix Testogenic Review

Pro-Genetix Testogenic was made to help with fat loss, lean muscle gain, clean energy and help with libido. Sounds like a powerhouse if you ask me. Testogenic by Pro-Genetix is a newer supplement backed behind a


Momentum Nutrition Catalyst Review

Momentum Nutrition Catalyst Pre-Workout is a great product. I have been taking Momentum Nutrition Catalyst for several weeks now and it’s still working as a great pre-workout supplement. I first heard about Catalyst around a


Genomyx Stimaholic Pre-Workout Review

Stimaholic by Genomyx is a brand new pre-workout supplement that features an advanced stimulant matrix. If you are looking to maximize your performance at the gym then STIMaholic is a great supplement to take. Before

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