Quest Nutrition – Quest Bar Cookies and Cream

Quest Nutrition is soon to release a Cookies and Cream flavored Quest Bar! Doesn’t that just sound delicious? Quest Bars taste amazing as it is and now a Cookies and Cream Flavor?! This is very exciting news to all the Quest Bar fans out there. I’m guaranteeing these will sell like crazy and might even sell out at some retailers.

Quest Bars Cookies and Cream


Quest Nutrition gave us a little tease today with their announcement on Facebook which had people guessing. Thanks to an inside source, I can confirm that the secret soon to be flavor of Quest Bars is in fact Cookies and Cream. However, I am not sure when this will hit stores, I believe sometime in early February.

As soon as I find out more information about this new flavor I will let you know. This flavor will be available to purchase right here when it arrives. Keep checking back for more information! Don’t forget to Like Us On Facebook to stay connected at all times.

UPDATE: 1/28/2014 Quest Bars Cookies and Cream


Quest Bars newest flavor, Cookies and Cream, is on the way! As soon as they become in stock, we will update you! Make sure you follow us on Facebook to know exactly when we get them in stock!

Who else is starting to get excited? This flavor is going to taste amazing and I can’t wait to try it out! I’m already a big fan of the Cookie Dough and Cinnamon flavor, this might end up being my favorite Quest Bar.

Cookies & Cream Supplement Facts


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