Purus Labs Creagyn 35 True Servings Creatine



Purus Labs Creagyn is a brand new creatine supplement that features Hydromax Glycerol and Magnapower. Creagyn is an all new performance accelerator supplement that is completely stimulant-free which is great for people who are staying away from stimulant based products. For now it looks like the product comes in “Unflavored” which is perfect because you can just mix the Creagyn in any other of your favorite products or just mix it with something you enjoy the taste of. You can literally add Creagyn to anything because it mixes instantly and you won’t have to worry about a weird taste or clumps of powder not mixing.

Benefits of Purus Labs Creagyn

Right off the bat on the bottle it states that there is 35 “True” Servings. This means you are getting the most bang for your buck and you won’t be ripped off by some bunk extra fillers or any other junk some other supplement companies may be guilty of. I know when I buy a supplement, I prefer the most value and Creagyn seems to fit that bill nicely. If you are looking to build strength, muscle and even enhance volume, Purus Labs Creagyn seems to be a good solution for you.

  • 35 True Servings Per Container (Other supplements tend to only be 30 servings)
  • Unflavored – You can mix this with virtually anything you want
  • Dietary Supplement with Hydromax Glycerol and Magnapower for optimal muscle gains and strength
  • Stimulant-Free Cellular Energy
  • Great Value

Purus Labs Creagyn is the first product they have released since Muscle Marinade that actually has creatine in it so it makes sense that they would create a creatine based product in general.

Supplement Facts & Ingredients

We know this is 25 servings and has Creatine with Hydromax Glycerol and Magnapower however they haven’t released the supplement facts yet. We will update this post when that information is released.

Where to Buy Purus Labs Creagyn

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