P28 High Protein Bread & Peanut Butter New Look


P28 is a company that was developed by 3 brothers who loved the bakery business. These bakers were also highly involved in the fitness and nutrition industry so they decided to combine the 2 and create these amazing P28 products that many of you guys have fallen in love with.

P28 Protein Peanut Butter and Bread Face-Lift


Formulated P28 High Protein Foods is getting a makeover for their food packaging and their website apparently. The image above was posted on their front page which teases us into thinking we have some cool new things to come. I’m a huge fan of all their peanut butter flavors however I have never tasted the bread but I hear good things.

Flavors of P28 Peanut Butter Spreads

These are the 5 flavors of spreads P28 has to offer at the moment, hopefully more are on the way!

  • High Protein Spread Almond 16 Oz
  • High Protein Spread Banana Raisin 16 Oz
  • High Protein Spread Peanut Butter 16 Oz
  • High Protein Spread Signature Blend 16 Oz
  • High Protein Spread White Chocolate 16 Oz

My favorite flavors would have to be the White Chocolate and the Signature Blend.

Now I never minded the old packaging, seems to look good as it is but I’m glad P28 as a company is doing good. Usually when a company revises or revamps some things, they have the money to do so and they are successful so I hope this is the case with P28. If your a company and you make good products, you are always going to succeed.

Where to Buy P28 Spreads & Bread