P28 Apple Crisp High Protein Spread



P28 Apple Crisp High Protein Spread is a creamy alternative to regular peanut butter and its comes in a creamy spread that works wonders with bread, bagels, toast or whatever else you enjoy putting apple crisp spread on. Apple Crisp is the newest flavor of P28 spreadable’s and it sounds delicious. Apple Crisp is a perfect fall flavor that you can use as an alternative to any other less healthy spreads you been enjoying. P28 High Protein Spreads have really caught on straight from the gate because they taste delicious, contains 100% whey protein isolate & have a bunch of other healthy factors like gluten free for instance.

P28 Apple Crisp tastes just like an apple pie but you don’t have to worry about ingesting all the calories inside of an actual pie but your tastes buds won’t be sacrificed. The creamy texture of P28 High Protein Spreads is what makes it delicious and a perfect texture to spread on anything you typically spread peanut butter or almond butter on. P28 Apple Crisp comes in a 16 ounce jar that appears to be glass, but we could be wrong there.

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P28 Apple Crisp has been announced that it will be exclusively sold, as of today, only at VitaminShoppe locations and their website. Apple Crisp may start appearing elsewhere months later, but for now they are exclusive to just VitaminShoppe. Instead of going through the hassle of driving to a store near you, you can just purchase Apple Crisp High Protein Spread below.

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