O’Dang Hummus & Hummus Sauce on Shark Tank

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source: odanghummus.com

O’Dang Hummus and The O’Dang Hummus Sauce was just featured on an episode of Shark Tank Tonight and we thought we would blog about it. Hummus is delicious and the creator of O’Dang Hummus claims that his Hummus is only 30 calories per serving making it and even healthier option than regular hummus. O’Dang Hummus seems to be a huge hit in Orland, Florida and now he wants to start pushing this product across the continent through big box stores and online.

Besides just regular O’Dang Hummus, The company O’Dang announced it has started a hummus salad dressing line called O’Dang Hummus Sauce. Right now, according to their website, O’Dang Hummus Sauce comes in four different flavors:

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  • Ranch On Ranch On Ranch (?)
  • Hummy Mustard
  • Caesar The Day
  • Bomb-A-Licious Buffalo – Medium

O’Dang Hummus Sauce is a hummus based sauce that actually gives you that creamy taste thats often enjoyable from a salad dressing without any of that fattening dairy, oil or preservatives.

For anybody that is interested in Hummus, this seems like an awesome idea. Hummus has some basic ingredients which are typically, chickpeas, lemon juice & garlic but O’Dang wants to spice it up with original flavoring on O’Dang Hummus.

Shark Tank O’Dang Hummus Deal

The creator of O’Dang Hummus has succeeded and landed a deal with not only one shark, but two sharks. O’Dang sealed the deal with Lori Greiner, The Queen of QVC, and also Robert Herjavec, Technology Mogul, for a $50,000 investment and 20% of the company. We are happy to see that O’Dang Hummus will partner up with the Sharks and hope to see this product in grocery stores across the continent.

Buy O’Dang Hummus & O’Dang Hummus Sauce

Hopefully, with the helps of The Sharks, O’Dang Hummus & O’Dang Hummus Sauce will be in a store near you. Right now you can purchase The Hummus Sauce directly on the website, and possibly the actual hummus too there at a future time.