Nutrex Hibern8 Coming Soon!



Nutrex Research Hibern8 is a brand new supplement that is coming soon to a store near you. Not much is known about this product yet but it is presumed that it is a supplement you take before bed time. With a name like Hibern8, one could assume this is a sleeping aid or a product that helps with recover as your hitting your REM Cycle. We believe that you hit a deep sleep when taking Hibern8 that you might have a hard time hitting without taking a supplement. We are speculating that some key relaxing ingredients will be present like Melatonin for instance or possibly GABA. However, this is currently all speculation. We are really just guessing at this point but we are pretty sure since it’s clinically dosed that it’s going to be a powerful sleep aid.

Where to Buy Nutrex Hibern8

As of right now, we only have a small preview of what the bottle is going to look like. This product is going to be released on August 19, 2014 according to Nutrex Research. Hibern8 will be released alongside their other new product Adipodex. When we get more information about where you can purchase Hibern8 we will let you know! Keep checking back for the most recent information. Thank You!

Update: Buy Nutrex Hibern8 Right Here