Nubreed Nutrition Heliotropin 63 Capsules


Heliotropin by Nubreed Nutrition is like the silent sleeper supplement that everyone should implement in their supplement intake. Can you imagine repairing your muscle fibers while sleeping? Now imagine an even extra boost of repairing your body while you sleep because that is exactly what Nubreed Nutrition Heliotropin claims to do. Heliotropin is a growth hormone modulator that accelerates fat loss and is a natural GHRH agonist. Heliotropin Herbal Complex is the proprietary blend inside of this supplement that gets the job done. 650 MG of pure recovery and fat loss ingredients to get your body where it needs to be all while you dream about your perfect life situations. When you are in your deep REM Cycles of sleep, Heliotropin is most effective.

Benefits of Heliotropin

  • Performance and strength
  • Muscle Mass
  • Increase fat loss
  • Repairs muscle fibers