New Supplement(s) Coming Soon from Athletix Sports


Athletix Sports has been teasing us now for quite a while about their new supplement coming out, and we have reason to believe there will be a couple new supplements coming soon. With a little research, it appears that their might be a few products coming out called:

  • PreCardio
  • Fixate
  • PreRun
  • H2ergO

Now we don’t have any specific information that this is in fact the case but it’s a well educated guess.

Athletix Sports Newest Supplement


Above is the supplement Athletix Sports has been teasing us all with the past few weeks and it’s hard to make out exactly what it could be. What we do know is that it’s coming in 2 delicious flavors;  Nanaberry and Blue Ice. It looks like some beta testers tried these specific flavors and they all say they are amazingly delicious. If the above names mentioned are true, it would appear that this product is a new pre-workout supplement that targets specifics types of pre-workouts. We would say this particular product is Athletix Sports PreCardio but this is all just speculation. Make sure you subscribe to our email list for the most up to date information about new supplements.