Nerdwax on SharkTank – The Original Glasses Wax


Nerdwax was just on the popular TV Show SharkTank tonight and you may be wondering What is Nerdwax? Nerdwax is a beeswax based blend of all natural and organic ingredients that is used to keep your glasses from sliding on and down your nose. You simply open the tube of Nerdwax, place the wax on either your glasses nose pads or the bridge of your glasses, depending on the shape and type, then it will keep your glasses from falling off your face. Being someone who wears glasses, it can be difficult to do any physical activity for an extended period of time without my glasses slipping or moving at some point. Nerdwax creates a layer of friction between your skin and eye glasses, or sun glasses, that keeps them from moving while on your face.


Nerdwax is a fantastic product if you care about style and care about efficiency. You could always use one of those ugly eye glass holders but those are not very attractive and are hard to maintain. Nerdwax is very mobile and can be placed in your pocket or purse and used when needed. The only drawback we see is the fact that it looks exactly like a bottle of lip balm and you may mistaken it for such and accidentally put Nerdwax on your lips.

Nerdwax was on SharkTank tonight, however spoiler alert, they did not make a deal. They were offered a few deals by the sharks but they didn’t want to get into debt and they refused the offers. Mark Cuban and Daymond John actually applauded them for denying the deals from other sharks and think Nerdwax can be successful without a shark on board.

Benefits of Nerdwax

  • Made from a blend of Beeswax and All Natural & Organic Ingredients
  • Small Tube of Wax / Can Fit in Pocket or Purse with Ease
  • No Bands, Straps or Pads Needed. Nerdwax claims to keep your glasses from sliding
  • Doesn’t Ruin Your Glasses, Comes Off Over Time Naturally
  • Cost Effective

If you are tired of your glasses falling down, moving around or just not positioning correctly, you need to give Nerdwax a try. Stop wearing the ugly bands or straps and try an all natural, organic approach.

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