Myokem Nitramine Review – Sponsored Pro Athelete


Myokem Nitramine Review

Myokem Nitramine is a brand new pre-workout supplement that works great. I was introduced to Nitramine from my friend Kevin Bogdan who is also the very first pro athlete sponsored by the company Myokem. Kevin was sponsored previously by iForce Nutrition. Below, you will see his detailed review of Nitramine that he exclusively did for Where to Buy Supplements.

Sponsored Pro Athlete Review

Kevin and I have been friends now for over 20 years and we will be friends for at least another 20 years. It’s so great to see a friend become someone who is inspirational and who is succeeding in his niche. I believe my friend Kev, aka “The B.O.G., is the future of body building and it’s time for the world to see it.

Here is what Kevin had to say when I asked him all about this brand new pre-workout product:

Hey everyone my name is Kevin Bogdan and I am here today to give my review on Myokem Nutrition’s first product NITRAMINE! I have been taking pre-workouts for years now and one thing that I have noticed is that a lot of companies tend to just put way too much caffeine in their products.

kevin-bogdan-b-o-gSome of the side effects of a high caffeine intake are a rapid heart beat, difficulty sleeping, nausea, headaches, anxiety, etc. Between that and people having to take 2-3 scoops it can be rough on your health. Now this is why Nitramine stands out.

They are using only 150mg of caffeine per scoop and one scoop is all that you’re going to need. The reason you only need one scoop is because of the other stimulants in the product. These stimulants i am talking about are Pikatropin(picamilon), citicholine, and also theobromine. Include the caffeine with these three and the feeling you get is unlike any other pre-workout. I had great focus the entire time and even after the workout i still felt like going mentally. I had absolutely no crash at all.


Benefits of Myokem Nitramine

Now i have been on Nitramine for about two weeks straight and that is the first time i have been able to do that with a pre-workout. In the past i have always had to cycle them in order to still feel anything. The focus isn’t all that you get in this great product though. They also added 1600mg of beta alanine per scoop which is used for improving athletic performance by reducing lactic acid which causes you to fatigue much faster during your workout. For anyone who is also looking for some pumps in their pre workout they also added 500mg of agmatine sulfate which is going to give you stronger muscle contractions, increase the uptake of glucose, increase testosterone production, and decrease pain sensation. This isn’t for just bodybuilders though. This could be effective for a power-lifter, cross fit, long distance runners, or even someone who needs more focus to study for their next exam. Hope this review can help some of you guys out and i plan on hearing some great feedback on everyone who has tried it!

Thanks! -Kevin Bogdan

UPDATE: Kevin is no longer a sponsored athlete of Myokem.