MusclePharm Energy Sport vs. Energy Sport Zero



As we mentioned previously, MusclePharm is releasing a brand new energy drink on April 1, 2015. On a side note, they are also releasing a brand new high quality protein bar called “Muscle Bar” on the same date. Now we know that there will be two different variants of the MusclePharm Energy Sport Energy Drink:

  • Energy Sport
  • Energy Sport Zero

So what exactly is the difference?

MusclePharm Energy Sport

The MusclePharm Energy Sport is more like your typical energy drink. Contains 160 calories per 12 fl oz can, contains carbohydrates and has 39 grams of sugar. So if you are on a diet or you are looking to watch your calories, you will be much better suited for the Energy Sport Zero. However, this is the one that is going to taste amazing and give you an insane rush of energy. Both versions contain 120 mg of caffeine per can which seems to be a perfect amount of caffeine.

Flavors of MusclePharm Energy Sport

For now, it looks like Energy Sport is going to be available in 2 flavors initially:

  • Original (Guessing this will taste like a monster / red bull type flavor)
  • Electric Lime (This flavor sounds amazing, can’t wait to try it)

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MusclePharm Energy Sport Zero

MusclePharm Energy Sport Zero is more of a “diet” type energy drink. Imagine your favorite Monster, slap it with a sugar free label, and you can now compare it to Energy Sport Zero. Now when MusclePharm says “Zero” they really mean zero. This energy drink has 0 Calories, o Carbohydrates, 0 Sugar and of course 0 Total Fat. This is the perfect solution for anyone who is on a diet, or anyone who is sensitive to sugar. This version is also going to taste a lot less sweeter then the regular Energy Sport. Like I mentioned above, both contain 120 mg of caffeine so you should be feeling the same type of energy rush minus the sugar rush. They both also have Beta-Alanine as CarnoSyn.

Flavors of MusclePharm Energy Sport Zero

Right now it looks like you have a few flavor options for Energy Sport Zero:

  • Power Punch
  • Onyx Cherry
  • Citrus Edge

Nutrition Facts & Ingredients


Where to Buy MusclePharm Energy Sport / Energy Sport Zero

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