Muscle Pharm Coco Protein RTD Milk Protein & Coconut Water



Muscle Pharm is launching their first RTD, Ready-to-Drink, product to the market in the next few weeks. MusclePharm Coco Protein RTD which is Real Milk Protein mixed with Coconut Water is a great addition to their long list of supplements they have currently. Just looking at the images of the product, it appears to be delicious. Coconut Water mixed with chocolate seems to be the new thing these days and rightfully so. Each MusclePharm RTD case is going to hold 12 individual bottles of Coco Protein and each bottle of Coconut Water Real Milk Protein is going to have 20 grams of protein. That is a ton of protein for just one bottle and that is very exciting to avid gym members. How convenient will it be to have a powerful workout then have a MusclePharm coco protein recovery drink waiting for you in the car? Smart move by the MusclePharm marketing & development team.

This picture below of the MusclePharm RTD Coco Protein Individual Bottle appears to be the original artist’s rendition. The picture above appears to have a slightly different label design.


Benefits of MusclePharm RTD

  • 12 Bottles per Case
  • 20 Grams of Protein per Bottle
  • Great Recovery Drink
  • Convenience
  • Coconut Water mixed with Real Milk Protein
  • Most Likely Cost Effective

We are currently unable to comment on the taste of this product yet. If it tastes anything like similar products of this niche we are pretty confident it will taste good. It would appear the only flavor currently being released is chocolate.

Where to Buy Muscle Pharm Coco Protein RTD

As of right now, the only information we can find about where to buy this product is that it’s going to be going straight to Costco stores initially. This however could change when they officially release this RTD to the public. I’m guessing some store fronts and gyms might sell these bottles individually as well in a refrigerator type set up for easy drinking after a workout is over. No matter what happens with this brand new RTD from MusclePharm, we will keep you posted.

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