Micronamin .30-06 and M2 Review


Micronamin is a brand new company that currently carries two products.

  • .30-06 Advanced Nitric Oxide Pre Workout Pill
  • M2 Thermogenic Extended Release Fat Burner

I was unfamiliar with Micronamin before the owner contacted me but now I was able to try both products and give a good review.

Our initial thoughts on this company is that they offer a money back guarantee if you don’t get the results you are looking for. We think that is pretty fair and helps with the trust factor since this is a newer company.

The cost of both these supplements is also very reasonable which is another factor to take into consideration. There is no red flags that go off in my head when I see their website.

They are a brand new company and are most likely still ironing the kinks out.

Another thing to look at is where these products are manufactured. As of right now, it appears that both supplements are made completely in the USA.

They also state that their products are a result of extensive research and they make sure to use the highest quality of ingredients that are currently available.

If you are a intense guy, a beast at the gym or even consider yourself a warrior, this brand definitely caters to you. If intensity and power is what you are after, take a look at these two supplements from Micronamin.

Also, the owner told me that they are currently crafting their third product which will be launched in a few months!

Let’s start off with the nitric oxide supplement .30-06…

Micronamin .30-06 Review


Micronamin .30-06 (Thirty Aught Size) is an advanced nitric oxide supplement that is categorized as a pre-workout product.

I noticed some good pump action after taking 4 capsules and doing arms. It has an onslaught of ingredients that offer vasodilation and skin shredding action.

Unfortunately, this product contained multiple proprietary blends so if you wanted to know the specific amounts you won’t find that information on the back of the bottle.

However, all the information is actually individually listed on their website which is a major plus. I’m not sure why they didn’t individually list these ingredients on the labels but I would imagine they will in the next batch.

Each bottle is an entire month supply of .30-06 which is very cost effective.

Overall, this is a solid advanced nitric oxide supplement that comes with 120 capsules per bottle.

If you are on the fence with your next nitric oxide purchase, give these guys a try and see how it reacts with your body.

Micronamin M2 Review


Micronamin M2 is for weight loss.

M2 is their extended release fat burning supplement which intended to help you burn away fat.

I felt the energy almost right away with this product. It does feature 250mg of caffeine which is why it gave me a quick energy boost.

It features a few fat burning and weight loss ingredients like Green Tea Leaf Extract which is a plus.

It’s too early to tell if this product will show any fat loss results but the ingredients are appropriate for helping with weight loss.

Micronamin M2 Thermogenic Extended Release Fat Burner is very cost effective as well and it individually lists all the ingredients on the back of the bottle.

Micronamin claims that M2 will help you become energized, increase your focus and help suppress your appetite.

Micronamin .30-06 and M2 Summary

That pretty much covers their two new products from Micronamin.

Like I mentioned previously, they should be coming out with a brand new product in the next few months and we will keep you updated on that.

They are a brand new company, not a whole lot of information on them yet, but initial thoughts make them seem trustworthy. If you are looking for some new supplements, give these guys a chance and perhaps you will enjoy your experience.