Man Sports Skiddles Flavored Iso-Amino


Man Sports is adding a brand new flavor of Iso-Amino and calling it Skiddles. I’m not sure how Man Sports is able to do these flavors like Skiddles or Sour Batch Kids considering how similar they are to the actual name branded items. They even have pretty much the same logo underneath the wording on these flavors. Skiddles flavored Iso-Amino does sound delicious though and should be coming out soon.


If Iso-Amino by Man Sports tastes anything like Skittles, the candy, then Skiddles is going to be a hit. We give Man Sports some serious props for actually coming out with different flavors than your typical Fruit Punch or whatever other generic flavor this is. This actually makes me want it just by already knowing how delicious Skittles are.

Where to Buy Iso-Amino Skiddles Flavor

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