MAN Sports PUMP Powder 30 Servings


We wanted to introduce you guys to a brand new product from MAN Sports called PUMP Powder. MAN Sports Pump Powder is a completely stimulant free pump inducer.

This is a brand new supplement that hasn’t even been released yet but we do have a little bit of information on it. We know for a fact that it will be coming out in their delicious SourBatch flavor that many other MAN Sports supplements have as a featured flavor. We are also assuming you will see the other flavors like Dorks and Blue Bomb-Sicle being flavor options for Pump Powder.

Let’s review Pump Powder by MAN Sports and see how it looks…

From the looks of the bottle, it appears Pump Powder will come in a round bottle that features 30 servings. It is also safe to assume the serving size will be one scoop making this a month supply of stim-free pump action.

Another common thing you will see with Pump Powder is the use of their MICROBatch Technology. This means the powder will be hand crafted, hand bottled and of supreme quality. Their entire motto of the MICROBatch Technology is to make a better product. They say they want to do it right or why bother at all? Right on!

Benefits of MAN Sports PUMP Powder


MAN Sports Pump Powder is completely stimulant free which is a plus because you can mix it with other products like a pre-workout for instance. They also advertise on the bottle that you won’t feel any weird tingles that other supplements that feature beta-alanine or niacin may leave you feeling. There is also absolutely no dyes inside this product which is a plus if you are health conscious.

  • Nitric Oxide Stimulator
  • Better Pumps
  • Skin-Tearing Vein Action
  • 30 Servings (Cost Effective)
  • Comes in Delicious Flavors (SourBatch, possibly other MAN Sports signature flavors)
  • MICROBatch Technology

MAN Sports Pump Powder seems like it is going to be a very solid nitric oxide product that helps you get a good pump going. Some people are searching for a pump so badly when they are looking at the mirror in the gym so why not give a product like this a try and see if it helps you?

“MAN Sports PUMP Powder” should be coming soon and we will update you where you can buy it.

Supplement Facts & Ingredients

The supplement facts and ingredients haven’t been released yet. However, it will definitely have the common ingredients that you find with your typical pump products. Keep checking back here as we update more information on this product.

Update (1/27/2016): Man Sports Pump Powder is coming in Sour Batch, Dorks and Blue Bomb-Sicle. Full product information, ingredient panel and launch specials will be released at the end of this week.


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