MAN Sports Changes ISO-AMINO Skiddles to Fruittles


This just in…MAN Sports decides to change the name of their brand new flavor of ISO-AMINO to Fruittles instead of Skiddles. However, Man Sports claims that it is the exact same taste still so the only thing that has changed is the name. I think it’s pretty easy to say why they changed the name, they didn’t want to get sued by Skittles, the ya know candy company. Smart move MAN Sports and I think we all are still very excited to try Fruittles flavored Iso-Amino as soon as it is released.

Iso-Amino Now Fruittles Not Skiddles

Man Sports claims that their first production run of Skiddles Iso-Amino was their biggest flavor launch yet. What will be interesting is if the first few buyers are still going to get the Iso-Amino with the Skiddles name instead of the Fruittles name. If you are a true supplement junkie it would be awesome to have a bottle with the Skiddles name still present and to hold onto. It looks like from this point on everyone who purchases Iso-Amino will get the Fruittles flavor, but don’t be alarmed. It tastes exactly the same!

Where to Buy MAN Sports Iso-Amino Fruittles

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