Empyrean Nutrition Amino Ascend Flash Sale


Empyrean Nutrition Amino Ascend is having a FLASH SALE right now on Best Price Nutrition. Both flavors of Amino Ascend, Watermelon & Lemon Ice, are now only $14.99! That is the cheapest price for anything 30 servings on the market right now. You need to take advantage of this deal before it disappears. I know for a fact they are selling hundreds of these per day and will only keep the sale going until they run out, which could be any day now. I was fortunate enough to be able to try both flavors and they taste great! The watermelon tastes like a delicious smoothie and the lemon ice is more of a refreshing lemonade taste. Both are great on a hot summer day! For $14.99, you can’t lose.

Amino Ascend Lemon Ice

Empyrean Nutrition Lemon Ice is an all natural pre-workout drink that you can also drink throughout the day. If you like drinking refreshing lemonade on a hot day, this is the perfect pick me up and recovery supplement for you.


Amino Ascend Watermelon

Now this one is my favorite! Watermelon Amino Ascend tastes amazing and gives you some good energy. Perfect to drink before your workout or to even sip on during your training.