Dr Oz Remove Brown Spots or Sun Spots from Hands


Dr Oz explains that as we age, our skin starts showing it. Dr Oz informs us that the sun can actually cause our hands to age prematurely but he suggests a solution to reverse the aging process. Dr Oz had Dr. Ellen Marmur on the show as well explaining that these solutions not only help your skin, but they also prevent future damage.

Dr Oz Solution – How to Remove Sun Spots and Brown Spots from your Hands

  • Use a night cream that has glycerin inside of it, which will eliminate wrinkles in your hands.
  • For cracked and dry skin, use a moisturizing cream that has SPF 30.
  • Lemon Sugar Licorice Scrub:

2 Tablespoons of Sugar

Juice from 1/2 of a Lemon

2 Drops of Licorice Root Extract

2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil

Using the “Lemon Sugar Licorice Scrub” will help refresh your hands again. Make sure to use this scrub at least twice a week and you should start seeing results. If you follow all these steps you will have tighter skin and the aging process won’t be so premature anymore.