Dr Oz Probiotics Can Lower Blood Pressure



Dr Oz suggested on The Doctor Oz Show today that your blood pressure may be lowered if you take Probiotics. Probiotics have been a huge buzz word in health lately, for good reason, and now new studies suggest they may help lower blood pressure. When you hear Probiotics, you think of your stomach or gut flora. However a new study shows that taking probiotics can reduce your blood pressure number by a few digits. The results were even greater when studied on people with high blood pressure or hypertension.

About Blood Pressure Study

Your blood pressure is represented in 2 numbers, the systolic & diastolic pressure. The Systolic Pressure is when your heart is beating and The Diastolic Pressure is when your heart is resting in-between beats.

Here’s what the study suggested:

  • People who already have a high blood pressure benefited from taking Probiotics the most
  • Supplements that provided multiple strains of Probiotics within the product seemed to be more powerful that single-stranded Probiotics.
  • You need to take Probiotics for at least eight weeks otherwise you’ll see little to no effect.

It is unclear why exactly Probiotics cause a decrease in blood pressure but Probiotics are known to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. It all seems correlated because if probiotics are removing these fatty particles in your blood stream, that could be the main reason your blood pressure is being regulated.

Where Do I Get Probiotics?

Dr. Oz recommends taking Probiotics to help you with your blood pressure. Dr Oz says new studies suggest taking Probiotics can lower your Systolic & Diastolic Pressure. Probiotics are only found in fermented foods like Greek Yogurt for example. However, when it comes to food you are not exactly sure what strands of probiotics you are getting and also the amount of probiotics that are present. In order to get the right dosage of Probiotics, it’s recommended to take them as a supplement instead of trying to find foods that contain them. Below we have suggested our favorite Probiotics that are available online.


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