Dr Oz Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives Review


Dr Oz gives us the best tips when it comes to Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives. Next time you go to the grocery store head on over to the refrigerator section and take a look at all the “milk” options that are available to you now. There use to be a time where your biggest challenge with buying milk was is it whole milk or 2% but that time has long gone. There is such a variety now and it’s actually a good thing because that leaves you, the consumer, with multiple options.

Dr Oz Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives


I’m not much of a milk drinker myself but I do happen to use milk in my cereal and other food preparations. Dr Oz recently tested out all the non-dairy milk options with his audience to see how each one measures up. Milk gives us protein, vitamin d, and calcium. However not all milks are created equal and not all humans are created equal. Some people are lactose intolerant are have an allergic reaction to drinking dairy milk. That’s another reason why it is so great to have these healthy alternatives that practically taste the same or even better than traditional milk.

Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives:

  • Soy Milk
  • Rice Milk
  • Almond Milk

Dr Oz Soy Milk Review


Dr Oz did a test with his audience to see how well they liked Soy Milk. Dr Oz said that about 5% of his audience preferred the flavor of soy milk over the other alternatives. That’s actually quite a small number so it would appear that soy milk is the least favorite. I know with recent studies, many people tend to shy away from soy milk especially males in general. Soy milk actually has the highest protein amount out of all the natural alternatives so if you don’t like the taste, you might find it more appeasing using it with your coffee or other milk mixture.

Dr Oz Rice Milk Review


Like I mentioned above, Dr Oz did a blind test with his audience to see which non-dairy milks were the best. According to Dr Oz, about 15% of his audience preferred the taste of Rice Milk. Still, that seems like a small number but much higher than the soy milk taste test. Rice Milk is actually not as creamy or thick like whole milk and almost tastes more like it’s water based. Dr Oz says rice milk is the perfect milk alternative to add to your smoothies because it is naturally sweet. It is also shown to cause the least amount of milk allergies in people.

Dr Oz Almond Milk Review


Now here is the main alternative to dairy milk that most people enjoy. I’m sure you think of Almond Milk right away when your asked about an alternative because it tastes great. Actually, 80% of Dr Oz’s audience preferred the taste of almond milk to the other alternatives. Although Almond Milk is lacking in protein content, it has the lowest calorie amount making it the perfect alternative for those of you on a diet. It tastes amazing when mixed with cereal or even oatmeal. If you have kids, this is also a great alternative because it has almost the same consistency as whole milk and is nice and sweet.

Dr Oz Milk Alternative Summary

I think it’s pretty cool that Dr Oz did this blind study with his audience because it kind of gives us an idea which milk alternatives are the best. It also tells use the best way to use each one and how well it will replace the dairy whole milk. As far as whole milk goes, Dr Oz actually had some thoughts about that too. Oz recommends drinking organic 2% milk which is either enriched or fortified. This, in turn, will get you about 25% of your daily dose of Vitamin D and Calcium. Pretty good start!

  • Soy Milk – Least favorite, 5% of Dr Oz audience preferred taste. Great coffee additive.
  • Rice Milk – Only 15% of audience preferred rice milk. Perfect for smoothies.
  • Almond Milk – This is by far the favorite, totaling 80% of Dr Oz’s audience. Great with cereal or oatmeal.
  • Dairy Milk – If you want to keep it dairy, go with organic 2% Milk.