Dr Oz Minoxidil Review for Women


Dr Oz reviews Minoxidil for women who suffer from hair loss or who are trying to prevent their hair from falling out. Although there are multiple factors that cause your hair to fall out, Dr Oz says using Minoxidil Drops can actually help prevent this from happening. Dr Oz had Dr Melissa Piliang on The Doctor Oz Show, who is a dermatologist, explain what can cause your hair to fall out and what to do if you start experiencing this.


Dr Melissa Piliang explains the hardest thing to do is not to panic when you start noticing your hair is falling out. Try you best to stay calm because the stress and anxiety is only going to make matters worse. Let’s try to slow down the hair loss, not accelerate it.

Dr Oz Reasons for Hair loss

  • Poor Nutrition – Women who often go on restrictive diets are missing some essential nutrients. These deficiencies can cause a loss in hair so make sure to eat a balanced diet with plenty of healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.
  • Inflammation of the Scalp – It’s actually quite common to have scalp inflammation and this can be causing your hair loss. Be sure to use a good dandruff shampoo with zinc pyrithione and ketoconazole.
  • Age & Genetics – Unfortunately, you can’t really control the cards you have been dealt with.

There is some hope to this whole hair loss thing if you are a women.

Dr Oz Minoxidil Drops

Dr Oz alongside Dr Piliang recommend using Minoxidil Drops with a 5% foam preparation to help with the treatment of your hair loss.

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