Dr Oz Krill Oil Supplement for Heart Health



Dr Oz recommends taking a Krill Oil Supplement for Heart Health. Dr Oz has many ways you can figure out if you heart is in need of some help. If you watched The Doctor Oz Show today than you would have seen him demonstrate the “Sitting-Rising Test” which helps determines your heart health.

What is the Sitting-Rising Test?

Basically you sit on the floor and see how easy or hard it is for you to get up. If you can get up with just the strength of your own body then you score a 10. However you start deducting points once you use your other body parts for help. For instance, you lose a point if you use your hand, knee, forearm, hand on knee or thigh, or if you use the side of your leg. If you combine all of these things, then you might be in bad shape and need to seek a doctor immediately. 8-10 points seems to be a good range to fall in too.

Dr Oz Krill Oil Supplement


Dr Oz recommends taking a Krill Oil Supplement if you need an extra boost in heart health immunity. Krill Oil is an excellent source of Omega-3’s that help support your heart in many ways. If you performed poorly in the “Sitting-Rising” test then you should definitely consider Buying a Krill Oil Supplement and adding it to your regimen. Krill Oil is loaded with omega-3’s which are the best thing for your heart and helping your overall health. Once your heart goes, that’s it so you want to keep your must vital organ firing at all cylinders.

How to take a Krill Oil Supplement:

For healthy heart support, Dr Oz recommends taking 3 grams per day.