Dr Oz Kaniwa Supergrain Health Benefits


Dr Oz Kaniwa Supergrain Health Benefits

Dr Oz recently introduced the super grain “Kaniwa” on The Doctor Oz Show. Kaniwa is a nutritious seed that’s very easy to add to your meals and great for your health. The best part of this healthy seed is that it is naturally gluten-free. Sometimes when you see an item at the grocery store marked as “Gluten-Free” it doesn’t necessarily mean it was originally that way. Some gluten-free items go through a process to become that way, Kaniwa on the other hand is just naturally free of gluten.

Kaniwa Super Grain Health Benefits


Kaniwa comes packed with multiple health benefits. Just like brown rice or quinoa, Kaniwa has protein in it. Protein is needed in the body to help build and restore muscle and tissues to keep your body functioning normally.

Key Benefits:

  • More protein than brown rice and quinoa.
  • Contains more fiber than wild rice and millet.
  • Has a iron content higher than bulgur and buckwheat.
  • Kaniwa is naturally gluten-free.

Kaniwa is loaded with health benefits and will help you maintain your goals. It’s also very easy to add to your diet.

How to take Kaniwa:

  • Eat Kaniwa instead of oatmeal or cereal for breakfast. Prepare it like you would with oatmeal.
  • Kaniwa can be used as a replacement for potatoes or rice. It should take around 20 minutes to fully cook it.

Where to Buy Kaniwa Seeds?

You might have a hard time finding Kaniwa Seeds at your local supermarket however you can Buy Them Online Right Here.