Dr Oz Four New Mega Metabolism Boosters



Today on The Doctor Oz Show, Dr Oz mentioned his four brand new never mentioned before Mega Metabolism Boosters. These new metabolism boosters will start your body’s fat burning machine and help you lose that unwanted fat. If you have failed endlessly with dieting and exercise programs you are not alone. Thousands of people attempt outrageous diet plans or exercise regimens every single day but can never stick to them. Constant failure can be daunting on your physical and mental health which then causes your body to become stagnate.

If you have ever struggled with weight loss, Dr Oz’s four brand new mega metabolism boosters could be your golden ticket. These metabolism boosters will not only increase your metabolism, they will help burn the fat away rapidly. Let’s dive in and talk about all four recommendations made by Dr Oz on The Doctor Oz Show today!

Dr Oz Mega Metabolism Boosters

  1. BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acid) Powder: Dr Oz recommended taking 1,000mg of BCAA Powder Per Day to help boost metabolism. You can add the BCAA Powder to your favorite smoothie every morning. BCAA Powder is a great supplement for the human body because it not only helps with recovery, it’s essential for your body to hold on to muscle tissue. Having more muscle helps your metabolism speed up the calorie burning process.
  2. Greek Yogurt with Lemon: You may have already known that drinking water with lemon added to it helps with metabolism but did you know Greek Yogurt with Lemon is even more effective? Dr Oz recommends eating Greek Yogurt with Lemon every single day to boost your metabolism levels. The combination of citrus and calcium cause the metabolism machine in your body to fire on all cylinders.
  3. Sage Leaf Tea: Dr Oz says if you drink a Full Cap of Sage Tea within an hour of waking up, it will boost your metabolism. Sage Leaf Tea actually regulates your blood sugar levels to keep any spikes in insulin down to a minimum. Drink 1 cup per day for maximum effect.
  4. White Bean Extract: Now this is the most important mega metabolism booster recommended by Dr Oz. Dr Oz says if you only choose to do one of his recommendations, make sure it’s this one. White Bean Extract is actually looked at as a “Sugar Eraser”. It is especially good to supplement White Bean Extract right after eating something with lots of sugar in it because it literally blocks the body from storing sugar as fat. Anyone with a sweet tooth or who just can’t stop the sugar intake, take White Bean Extract so your body doesn’t store sugar as fat. Dr Oz suggests taking 500 mg per day right before a meal especially if it’s high in carbohydrates or sugar. (Also referred to as “White Kidney Bean Extract”)

now-foods-bcaa-powder greek-yogurt-with-lemon sage-leaf-tea-metabolism white-kidney-bean-extract

If you implement all four of these steps into your daily routines, you will be on your way to rapid weight loss. These are all effective ways to boost your metabolism and cut out that extra fat you have been trying to get rid of.