Dr Oz FBCx Supplement for Fat Loss

Dr Oz recently recommended FBCx as a supplement to help you with fat loss. This fat burning supplement is high in fat burning fiber and it will actually help your fat eat itself within your body. He recommends you take this exact with a meal, especially if it’s going to be high in fat.

FBCx Supplement Review

This supplement alone can eliminate up to 500 calories a day and also 9 times it’s weight. Many people also recommend taking this FBCx Supplement to help you lose some serious fat and to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

How to take FBCx:

Take 2 grams with a fatty (unhealthy) meal.

Where to Buy FBCx Supplement

The same FBCx Supplement that Dr. Oz recommends on his show can be purchased right here. This product is no longer available.

Calorease FBCx Easy Weight Management Aid

Also, thanks to Julia Gauger, we have become aware of a company called “Calorease” which is apparently the only company with the patented FBCx formula. This product is stimulant free, healthy for your heart, and naturally sourced.


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