Cerebral Success Featured on Shark Tank


If you watched Shark Tank tonight on ABC then you saw a new cognitive supplement called Cerebral Success. During the episode, Cerebral Success was featured as a brain supplement that is specifically designed for a college student. Many of the Sharks were suspicious considering how expensive this product costs. However, the creators of Cerebral Success are confident that their own customers testimonials will stand up for them. This product is all talk for now considering there really isn’t any history yet.

Benefits of Cerebral Success

Despite all the skepticism on Shark Tank, the creators of this supplement claim it’s effective. Some of the benefits they claim are:

  • Brain Focus
  • Improve Memory
  • Increase Energy
  • Brain Power & Cognitive Improvement

The creator claims that he uses this product and that it works for him however the Sharks maintained skeptics.

Cerebral Success Ingredients

Huperzine-A Phosphatidyl Serine Vinpocetine Ginkgo-Biloba DHA/ Fish Oil Omega 3 Choline Bacopa Schizandrol- A Ginseng L-Tyrosine L-Glutamine B-Vitamins


Begin with 1 capsule a day to determine tolerance. Increase to 2 capsules if increased intensity is desired. Never consume more then 4 a day.

Where to Buy Cerebral Success

This product is comparable to Adderall without the negative effects. According to Barb on Shark Tank, she claims Adderall is traded between students more than beer is. If Cerebral Success is as effective as they say it is, than it’s going to be a very popular supplement in the upcoming months. Barb ended up investing with the creators for 40% of the market share.


Update: Rightway Nutrition SmartX Cerebral Success 60 Capsules is the Newest Formula

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