BSN DNA Series Coming Soon!



BSN is releasing a whole new series of supplements and calling it the DNA Series. BSN is a supplement company that has been around for a long time now, most of you probably are familiar with their top product N.O. Xplode, however they have a vast array of products now that fit everyone’s needs. Now with the all new BSN DNA Series, you are getting exactly what you see on the label. They have come up with products so far that are bare-bone, back to basics formulas that are quite impressive.

BSN DNA Series Products

Those products above are exactly what they are called on the label. The ingredient panels for all the DNA Series Products are straight and to the point. There is no junk ingredients in any of these products and also no proprietary blends once so ever. We definitely are excited for the brand new BSN DNA Series and can’t wait to check them all out!