Blackstone Labs Hype V2


Blackstone Labs Hype V2 is a reformulated version of the original Hype. Hype V2 is most likely going to also be a non-stimulant vasodilating pump product that will come in a variety of flavors. So far, there hasn’t been much information released yet on the brand new Hype V2, however, Blackstone Labs did throw a couple teases out on their Instagram lately.


It looks like the two test product bottles we were able to view come in Watermelon and Peach Mango. Blackstone labs is very cautious about their flavors and does extensive testing to make sure all their products end up tasting delicious. That seems to be why this product hasn’t been released yet since it is still in the testing phase but I would imagine Hype V2 will be coming out in the next month or so.

There is no confirmation of any of the ingredients yet and even though the sample bottles show Watermelon and Peach-Mango, there is no guarantee those will be the flavors and there may even be more flavors than that.

We are actually pretty excited about this product which may be one of the top selling pump products when it is released. Blackstone Labs does an excellent job of marketing and getting the word out along with crafting some pretty popular supplements.

The Guerilla Chemist mentioned on his Instagram that Hype V2 will be extremely potent while also including the best vasodilators and cell volumizing compounds currently available.

He actually tested the product and provided an update:


As promised, I will give you my take on the new Hype v2…took 1.5 scoops last night with some caffeine(instead of #dustv2) so I can get an accurate assessment. This new formulation is significantly more effective than the original, which is still a very good product. Between the cell swelling and 3 different vasodilators with 3 different mechanisms, I was thoroughly impressed with the pumps. I trained legs and did mostly sets of 15, 45s rest to really get the blood flowing and my legs were crazy pumped. We are still tweaking the flavors, but I’m very proud of the new formula. More details to come!

This just makes us even more excited about Blackstone Labs Hype V2.

Keep checking back with us for more information as it’s released about this brand new supplement. As soon as Hype V2 is released, we will provide an update and tell you where to buy it. Thanks!

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