Blackstone Labs Done Selling Pro-Hormones?



Could it be true? Is Blackstone Labs done selling Pro-Hormones? Pro-Hormones was how Blackstone Labs was founded upon and now they seem to be ending it completely. They just announced today via YouTube Video and Facebook that they are having a blow-out sale on Super DMZ 2.0 RX and also Alpha-1. They are slashing the prices by 33% if you purchase directly from their website and they claim to only have a couple thousand bottles left.

Could this be true or do you guys think this is some sort of April Fools Prank? Well, decide for yourselves by watching their video.

They seem to be genuine but it’s hard to believe they are giving up on the main thing that started their company in the first place. Of course there is always the legal aspect since Pro-Hormones have sort of seemed to face their imminent doom towards the end of last year when the government decided to ban some of them from selling. We do think Blackstone Labs is a pretty sweet supplement company and hope them the best if they do decide to get rid of their pro-hormones for good. They have released multiple products that have turned them into the real deal over the past year or so.

We are still skeptical though, hopefully this is just some sort of pre-mature April Fools Day Prank.