Athletix Sports Ergonine Released As New Supplement



Athletix Sports just released their first brand new supplement of the new year, Athletix Sports Ergonine. Erognine currently comes in two flavors, Nanaberry and Blue Ice. We had a prediction yesterday on what the new product would be and what it would be called, turns out we guessed wrong! Hey, it happens to the best of us and that’s why we are posting today to give you the accurate information. We know for a fact that Ergonine is going to be a 30 servings per container powder and that it tastes delicious. Athletix Sports still hasn’t released a full fact sheet or even a full non-blurred image yet but we can sort of make out “Supports Myogenic” something or other so we will update you further when this information is presented.

Ingredients & Supplement Facts

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Where to Buy Athletix Sports Ergonine

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