ANS Performance N-Pro Protein


ANS Performance N-Pro is a brand new premium quality lean protein supplement. ANS Performance N-Pro is completely gluten free and contains 52 servings per 4 lb container. N-Pro is another brand new supplement from ANS Performance that is being released this year. They just released Amino HP recently which is a great product and we are sure N-Pro Protein is going to also be a great one. So far, we know it is coming in a creamy vanilla milkshake flavor and also a Milk Chocolate Decadence. ANS Performance does a great job with their products and their marketing and we can’t wait for N-Pro.

Flavors of N-Pro

So far, we know that ANS Performance N-Pro Protein is going to be available in at least two delicious flavors:

  • Milk Chocolate Decadence
  • Creamy Vanilla Milkshake

There definitely could be more flavors to come, we will make sure to keep you updated.

Benefit of N-Pro

ANS Performance N-Pro, the N standing for Nitrogen, and obviously the Pro standing for Protein, is a 100% complete whole protein product. Another great fact about N-Pro is the fact that it contains no bad ingredients and is BSF meaning “Banned Substance Free”.

Here are some of the key benefits of ANS Performance N-Pro:

  • 26 grams of protein per serving
  • 5.5 Grams of BCAA’s
  • 4 Grams of Glutamine
  • Contains 6 Sources of Protein
  • Only 140 Calories Per Serving
  • 52 Servings Per 4 Lb Container

This is going to be a hit for gym-goers and athletes alike. N-Pro contains 6 different variety of high quality protein and is of premium quality.