Anabolic Iron Epicatechin – Best Epicatechin Supplement?



Anabolic Iron Epicatechin might just be the best epicatechin that we have ever seen. In this article we will go over everything you need to know about Epicatechin and why we think Anabolic Iron Epicatechin is the leader of the pack.

What is Epicatechin?

Epicatechin is an extremely powerful antioxidant and is in fact the same potent antioxidant that is found inside of dark chocolate.

We have been told just how great dark chocolate can be to our body for some time but now you can harness the specific ingredient that makes dark chocolate so great by taking a supplement that features Epicatechin like Anabolic Iron Epicatechin.

To be even more specific, Epicatechin is a natural flavonol that is found inside cocoa beans, which is why is a great source of it is inside of dark chocolate, but you can also find this naturally inside of many other recommended health foods like apples and grapes for instance.

The great thing about Epicatechin is the fact that it is much more than just a powerful antioxidant. Epicatechin has been shown to even regenerate muscle tissue which is very important when trying to put on muscle mass. You also want to regenerate muscle tissue much more quickly so you can recover faster, thus giving you the ability to get back to the gym sooner.

Recent evidence suggests that Epicatechin mimics the hormone in our body that is responsible for mitochondria biogenesis and also with helping our bodies obtain stronger muscle fibers that occur most commonly after exercise training [source]. There are actually quite a few different flavonoids found in dark chocolate but they haven’t been found to do mitochondria biogenesis like Epicatechin has been shown to do.

Anabolic Iron Epicatechin Review

anabolic-iron-epicatechinAnabolic Iron Epicatechin is by far our favorite pick for best epicatechin supplement. It literally has everything we are looking for in this type of supplement and it’s at a great price point.

If you are looking for a myostatin inhibitor, natural anabolic, enhanced insulin sensitivity, lower cholesterol levels and a powerful antioxidant; Anabolic Iron Epicatechin has you covered. Another important thing with this supplement is the transparency. They tell you exactly what you are getting in this product so you don’t have to wonder and guess what you are putting into your body.

You want an Epicatechin Dosage of at least 125 mg and this product contains that exact amount in one serving size. One serving size is only 2 capsules and there are 60 capsules per bottle giving you a month supply. You will have an even longer supply if you start with just the recommended 1 capsule per day.

Another great thing about this supplement is the fact it contains Green Tea Extract, and not just a small amount, 400 mg of it! If you read further down in this article we touch on why Green Tea Extract is also important when Epicatechin is being supplemented.

That is one powerful combination which is why Anabolic Iron Epicatechin looks like it’s going to be a top seller very soon in this category.

If you want your muscles to continue growing and not atrophy, Epicatechin by Anabolic Iron is the right choice.

Why Should I Take Anabolic Iron Epicatechin?

Just seeing the antioxidant effects and the mitochondria biogenesis taking place would make this component a powerful substance. However, our favorite thing about Anabolic Iron Epicatechin is the way it helps prevent atrophy in our muscles. Atrophy is no good and has almost become a bad word in the bodybuilding world because no one wants to experience their muscles breaking down and fading into the sunset.

So how exactly does Anabolic Iron Epicatechin help our muscles from atrophying? We are glad you asked! Epicatechin has been shown to drastically increase the plasma levels of the muscle regenerating protein follistatin and even helps lower the production of the protein myostatin which is responsible for causing the muscle atrophy in the first place.

Why it’s Important to Supplement Epicatechin

Of course eating healthy food that contain this compound is the best choice, however you would have to eat an insane amount of food to get the amount of Epicatechin that is provided in this supplement from Anabolic Iron.

epicatechin-chemical-structureWe can now harness this powerful ingredient and target it specifically into this supplement. Anabolic Iron Epicatechin can now be bought as a supplement in which you know the exact dosage you are putting into your body.

This is mainly the exact reason we suggest going with Anabolic Iron Epicatechin because it contains 125 mg per serving to give you the full efficacious dosage for maximum potency and also has 400 mg of Green Tea Extract.

We do not know of that many other supplements in this category that are so up front, honest and give you the recommended dosages you are looking for. Anabolic Iron is leading the supplement industry in the right direction by fulling disclosing the ingredients and the amounts present in each bottle.

Green Tea Extract Review


Green Tea or Green Tea Extract has been used for decades to fight off multiple diseases and for preventive efforts against cancer. Green Tea Extract is basically in the same wheelhouse as Epicatechin when it comes to being an antioxidant. Combining both of these ingredients in one supplement is a huge one-two punch that will have your body thanking you later. Green Tea Extract contains antioxidants and polyphenols that aid in the prevention of inflammation and swelling, which in theory protects cartilage between the bones and helps with the lessening of joint degeneration.

Did you also know there is Epicatechin inside of Green Tea? This is another great reason to take Anabolic Iron Epicatechin as a supplement because it provides both of these ingredients.

In our opinion, this is the best way to combat atrophy, offer antioxidant benefits and muscle tissue repair that is much more effective.

Benefits of Anabolic Iron Epicatechin

Let’s break down what we talked about above to make things crystal clear…

  • Epicatechin helps inhibit Myostatin, which is the protein that causes muscle atrophy.
  • Very Potent Antioxidant, which can be great for preventive measures to keep your health in check.
  • Mimics the hormone in our body that is responsible for mitochondria biogenesis.
  • Some people experience heart benefits and even see their blood pressure being reduced. (by no means use this as a way to prevent or treat heart disease or be used as a main blood pressure medicine. Consult your doctor first and foremost before taking any supplements.)
  • Increased Blood Flow and Better Pumps (Nitric Oxide)
  • Has been shown to regenerate muscle tissue, which aids in recovery and getting you back in the gym sooner.
  • Helps Lower Cholesterol
  • Natural Anabolic – Epicatechin isn’t a pharmaceutical you need a prescription for behind the counter.

It’s actually quite amazing that Epicatechin is just now starting to catch on in the supplement industry for muscle growth and atrophy prevention. Anabolic Iron is very smart to jump on board this category of supplements in our opinion.

Why Anabolic Iron Epicatechin is Superior


Since Epicatechin Supplements are fairly newer in the industry, it may be hard to figure out what the best Epicatechin Supplements are to take.

We actually tried looking online to find which Epicatechin Supplements were better than Anabolic Iron but couldn’t really find any concrete reasons for the supplements people were suggesting and definitely didn’t see any transparency in ingredients. We are very pleased with the research we did and have come to a conclusion and what constitutes why Anabolic Iron Epicatechin is superior to others.

We have figured out three main components to why Anabolic Iron Epicatechin looks better than other supplements…

  • Transparency – This is huge. You need to know exactly what is inside the supplement you are taking. Proprietary blends is something you should try to avoid this way you know exactly how much Epicatechin is present inside your product. Unfortunately, many Epicatechin Supplements are a proprietary blend but Anabolic Iron isn’t.
  • Dosage – Epicatechin by Anabolic Iron has 125 mg of Epicatechin inside of it per serving. It may be hard to find that dosage in other products because they all seem to use proprietary blends.
  • Reliable Brand – Yes, Anabolic Iron is a brand new company but we talked to the owners and they are very genuine with wanting to do the right thing and provide the best supplements for you. We totally recommend this brand to anybody who is on the fence about this.

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