American Muscle Sports Nutrition is Now American Metabolix


American Muscle Sports Nutrition has announced they are now changing their name to American Metabolix. Personally, we like the name American Muscle better but American Metabolix also seems like a good name for their already big product line. People who use their products seem to really like them and continue using them so it’s a good thing that it appears all the products will remain the same just under the new business name. It looks like the name change is so they can keep the same great products, same great formula’s and now they can have a new voice. Sometimes company’s re-brand so they can use it as a marketing ploy and it can be quite effective because it gets people talking about their brand again as if it is a brand new company entirely. The logo appears to be exactly the same and they will have a new website coming soon.


Right now if you “Google” American Metabolix or AmericanMetabolix, not much comes up in the results involving their company. However if you type in the url directly, it redirects you to their original American Muscle Website. We are not sure if they are going to re-label all of their products with the new name right away but we can assume it will happen eventually.

American Metabolix (American Muscle) Products

As of right now, American Metabolix, which is going to formerly be American Muscle, has a pretty big line of supplements under their belt. It also looks like they are coming out with more brand new products like an Energy Drink and a Peak ATP Pre-Workout Powder.

Current American Muscle (American Metabolix) Products:

  • Warpath
  • Havok
  • Muscle Test
  • Banish
  • Exile
  • Musclephyx BCAA Pro Series
  • Musclephyx Endurance
  • Restore Liver
  • Restore Prostate
  • Restore Blood pressure
  • Restore Kidney
  • Isolyn
  • Premium Whey
  • Nirvana
  • Life Line

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