Alpha Brain Instant by Onnit Labs


Alpha Brain Instant by Onnit Labs is their newest installment of their top selling supplement product Alpha Brain.

Alpha Brain is Onnit Labs flagship nootropic supplement so it makes sense they would make a variation of their top seller.

With Alpha Brain Instant, it comes in easy portable powder packets which makes it simple to add to your morning beverage or perhaps a bottle of water.

Alpha Brain Instant is much more convenient if you ask us because instead of having to down a few capsules down, you can take one of the portable to-go packets and pour it directly into your water bottle you already have.

Not only do you get the benefits of the Alpha Brain product, you also get a delicious flavored drink on top of that.

Alpha Brain Instant is currently available in two different flavors:

  • Peach
  • Natural Spice

Depending on the success of this variation, we can assume their may be more flavors released in the future.

There is also a direct advantage in taking the instant packs rather than the capsule version.

The powdered drink mix allows the nutrients to get instantly sent to your stomach, so instead of your body having to work on dissolving a gelatin capsule, it can be absorbed more quickly.

This also helps with the product getting through the blood-brain barrier quicker.

If you are already a fan of the original version of Alpha Brain, than you are going to love these instant to-go packs.

Alpha Brain Instant Science & Research

The thing we really like about Onnit Labs and their products is the amount of science and research that goes into their products.

Onnit takes the time to make sure their products are tested thoroughly and that they offer the results they claim to do. This make Onnit Labs one of the highest quality supplement brands currently around right now.

Alpha Brain Instant went through an array of different studies…

Alpha Brain was specifically analyzed by two double blind trials that were also randomized and placebo controlled. These trials were performed at the Boston Center for Memory.

In this study, they assessed over 60 people and targeted cognitive function specifically.

They found that the subjects who were given the Alpha Brain over the placebo for 45 days showed significant improvement.


The improvement was shown in:

  • Processing Speed
  • Verbal Memory
  • Executive Function

As you can see by that data, Alpha Brain actually was more effective than just a placebo effect.

The trial above was actually one of the very first studies on a nootropic supplement that contained multiple cognitive ingredients, which actually brought back results that showed improvements in nootropic research.

The data that they accumulated was accepted for presentation at the International Society of Sports Nutrition and future publication.

Onnit Labs has had multiple studies in the past that depicted individual compounds inside of Alpha Brain showing positive cognitive benefits.

However, that didn’t stop them from testing and researching even more.

They decided to test Alpha Brain on above average intelligence individuals who were also healthy.

The results were impressive in that their abilities to recall a long list of words was increased significantly.

The charts featured below represent Peak Alpha and Theta/Beta Ratio. As you can see, Alpha Brain showed impressive results went put up against a placebo.


Alpha Brain Instant Ingredients

Alpha Brain Instant utilizes ingredients that are earth grown.

These ingredients include Oat Straw, Cat’s Claw, Bacopa Monniera and Huperzia Serrata.

Onnit Labs cares about your safety and that is the sole reason they use earth grown ingredients like the ones mentioned above.

They claim that earth grown ingredients have much more data than chemically created compounds because people have been using earth grown nutrients for thousands of years.

We are not saying that all chemical compounds are necessarily bad, but they make a good point that there hasn’t been an adequate amount of research done of them yet.

Alpha Brain Instant is considered pretty safe for daily consumption because of this.

Supplement Facts

The supplement facts for both the peach and spice flavor of Alpha Brain Instant are pretty much exactly the same.

The other difference we noticed is in the “other ingredients” section. This is most likely different due to flavoring.

An important thing to mention is that this product is completely NON-GMO, Caffeine Free and Gluten Free.

Alpha Brain Instant Peach


Alpha Brain Instant Spice


The suggested use and recommended dosage is the same for both flavors.

Adults, as a dietary supplement, take one packet mixed with 8 ounces of cold water, preferably with a light meal. Do not take more than one packet in any 24-hour period.

Alpha Brain Instant Benefits


Right off the bat, Alpha Brain uses absolutely no stimulants.

This is perfect if you are sensitive to things like Caffeine or other stimulant based products.

Some people also don’t like the way stimulants make them feel along with the crash afterwards that leaves you feeling exhausted.

The beauty of Alpha Brain Instant is that there will be zero crash but the feeling of your brain being stimulated.

The three main benefits of Alpha Brain Instant are:

  • Focus
  • Memory Support
  • Processing Speed

The focus part alone is what sold me.

If you have trouble focusing, and want a natural solution, this is something you need to get your hands on.

If you are having a difficult time focusing, wouldn’t you love anything that could potentially help you become more dialed in?

As far as memory support goes, in the clinical research above you will see that it has been proven over the placebo to help improve verbal memory.

Whoa…a natural supplement that contains NATURAL ingredients can do that?

Processing Speed is the third thing that you can benefit from taking this supplement.

Let’s put this into perspective real fast…

If you had a car that was working at around 75% capability, and there was a fuel or oil that you could add that would get it at 95-100%, wouldn’t you get that right away?

Your brain and cognitive functions are the car in that example.

If you want your brain and cognitive ability to be firing at full cylinders, than you need to try out Alpha Brain Instant.

Alpha Brain Instant Reviews

Here are a few different reviews we were able to find online about Alpha Brain Instant:

“This is the ultimate ‘get s*** done’ formula” – Aubrey Marcus

“I enjoy being able to put this in my morning drink, and the smell is great…..its a peach tea smell…” – Todd S

“Maximum focus and great taste. Used alpha brain since July and loved it. Recently switched to IAB a couple weeks ago. This goes straight into my water every morning heading to work for maximum performance.” – Bjhop

Alpha Brain Instant Summary

We think Alpha Brain Instant is a great product.

This is a great variation from their original product Alpha Brain.

They easy to-go powdered packets go perfectly inside a drink or a bottle of water and you get the same benefits.

The clinical studies and scientific research has shown proven results and that is something you need to take into consideration.

For being a non-stimulant, the ability to give you a feeling of energy and focus, you can’t compare.