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We stand for quality and reassurance when it comes to our viewers and we want to offer them other options when it comes to buying supplements or other health related products online. That being said, for the first time ever we have decided to “open the door” so to speak and allow for private advertising opportunities. If you truly believe your brand or website would be a good fit for our viewers, contact us for options.

Advertising Basics

Let’s get down to the basics of what this is all about to make it easier for you. Whenever we have an Advertising Slot available, we will post it below and you will have the option of contacting us if interested. Keep in mind we are not a major company, but we due get our fair share of traffic which is only going to increase over time. We provide details on the newest supplements and also where to buy most supplements that are available online. We rank highly in search engines and we provide unique content which is much different from a simple manufacturer description. If you believe your website, company, or supplement brand could benefit from our viewers then feel free to contact us for pricing options.

Pricing Options

Since we are not a major company, we are very open to negotiating. We don’t want to list prices on here because we want you to tell us what you think a fair price is. From there, we can come up with a fair price that will make us both happy. Now that being said, we plan on adding thousands of pages of content and the value of our advertising space is only going to increase over time. It would be in your best interest to get in now while it’s cheaper and we can keep your pricing “grandfathered” in for the future. An example would be paying for a full year instead of paying us monthly. We will go over everything with you via email if you contact us.

DISCLAIMER: We have the right to deny any company that we don’t see fit for our website or that we don’t want to do business with. There may be multiple options for you when paying us, we are very flexible. We will never give out information about who’s paying us or any amount that is being paid. If you have any further questions, please contact us for more details.

Website Banners

We typically use website banners of normal dimensions for our advertisements. You can either supply us with your own banner to use, or we can create you a banner (Free of charge upon purchasing advertising space with us). We have a graphic designer in office at all times for all our graphic needs.

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