Active Transparent Labs Coupons – Save Up To 20%


So, Transparent Labs is hands down one of the best supplement makers. Their pre workouts for instance, are like 5 pre workout supplements all combined into one super pre workout. But unfortunately, with the extra ingredients and extra care – comes a premium price point.

Luckily, they do tend to offer sales pretty often.

Of those sales, we’ve put together a list of active transparent labs discount promo codes (which we actively moderate).

Currently Active Transparent Labs Discount Promo Codes 2017

Site-Wide Transparent Labs Promo Code

“welcome” – Save 10% on all orders

“TLabs15” – Save 15% on all orders – WINNER

Pre-Workouts Promo Code

“Bulk10” – Save 10% on all orders

“Lean10” – Save 10% on all roders

Fat Burners Promo Code

“fatburner10” – Save $10 on all orders

Free Shipping Discount Code

None we could find…

Are Transparent Labs Supplements Worth The Price?

We’ve questioned this, and the answer is simple… Yes. Transparent Labs pre workouts for instance run for $49 retail and provide 30 servings. In each serving, you are getting over 20 grams of ingredients.

Now, compare that to a pre workout like C4. For the same 30 servings you are only paying $30, but, you are only getting 7 grams per serving.

What does this mean? With Transparent Labs you are getting 2.5X the product, for only a few dollars more.

This makes Transparent Labs a value, as they price their products LESS on a price per gram basis, in comparison to other brands. And that’s without mentioning the use of natural sweeteners and natural flavors in place of all the artificial shortcuts that other companies take.

Please Report Any Codes That Don’t Work

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In the event that one of the above codes doesn’t work, leave us a comment below so we can take it down.

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